RetailMeNot Personalized Onboarding

RetailMeNot piloted an initiative to provide a more personalized experience to its users. The first step in this process was to curate a personalized product based on explicit and implicit user feedback. The feedback in its MVP started with user's affinity to shopping categories and stores. 

• Wireframes
• Mockup
• Content Strategy
• Prototype
• Interaction Design


User STories

  • As a savings minded shopper, I want to easily be able to find relevant and compelling offers that help me save money when I shop.
  • As a savings minded shopper, I want to save time finding offers that are relevant to me.


  • Increase user engagement by providing more relevant content through personalized experiences in app.

Key Results

  • Drive 5% lift in successful sessions.
  • Retain 5% more of our customers in Month 2 (app only)
  • Reduce bounce rate on the mobile app homepage by 5% when personalized content is present


Pref Matrix.jpg

The team undertook intentional exploration around personalization in the digital e-commerce space. We didn't want to assume that we could just copy and paste every personalized experience, and expect it to perform for our users. We looked at various methods of explicit input we could receive from users. Some of these experiences were at the level of each offer that was on the product. To even as early as the onboarding experience. 

The matrix to the left shows the results of a card sorting research we performed. We wanted to see how users felt about specific information points we could receive from them based on how important they felt that input was towards a personalized experience. And then we asked them again how willing they would be to share that input. It was very interesting to see how there were some inputs they found highly important to personalization, but had very high friction in sharing that information. 

We were then able to utilize the top right quadrant (high importance and high comfort) to go build out our first experience for explicit signals. 


Lo-Fi Wireframes

Initial Flow and Frames of MVP

Final Experience Flow

Final Designs & Interactions

Final Designs

The first iteration of the designs incorporated selection of categories and stores.  But also maintaining the notification enablement prompts. The data sets were built out by engineering to ensure that the signals received from the onboarding experience would then be reflected on landing upon the homepage. 

Future considerations

Future Considerations

In order to communicate to the user that the selections of categories has implications on the stores that are presented, future designs animate the category selections onto the subsequent screen.