Festival Lineup Page

The most viewed page on a festival website is the lineup page for fans to discover artists playing. The traditional view is the lineup cloud where names are listed out. But images, videos, and social links allow for more interaction. 

However, both are needed for different customer journeys.

When the lineup is announced, talking about the festival with friends, and sharing the lineup is essential. However, the journey changes as the festival approaches and fans want to build schedules and plan. 


To encourage and facilitate different customer journeys, the lineup page was redesigned with both a Poster and Interactive view. The Poster view includes function for a quick snapshot of the lineup, encouraging quicker conversions. As well as making social sharing and downloading of the lineup possible. 

Running parallel is the Interactive view which allows for more in depth discovery of artists through videos and bios, as well as building custom schedules that fans can take with them into the festival.

• Market research
• Competitive analysis
• User research
• Usability analysis
• Website analytics
• Wireframes
• Prototypes
• Development

C3 Presents


The use of the product was analyzed for problems and hypotheses to increase conversions and other key metrics using Crazy Egg and User Testing. Then the problems and behaviors that emerged were validated with quantitative data in Google Analytics to ensure we were solving the right problems. This gave insights into what outcomes the design should aim to craft.